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Welcome Meeting Planners!

The following resources have been specifically laid out to help you see how Dr. Raymond can serve you and your client, hospital, or organization.

Dr. Raymond speaks on a variety of topics to healthcare audiences. Get Dr Raymond’s one sheet (PDF) format for your committee to peruse. Physicians, nurses, PAs, NPs, techs, and hospital and office staffs will appreciate a dose of sanity from a practicing physician’s perspective.

We can do what you need: Keynotes, dinner programs, general session at conventions, board retreats, and in-house educational programs for hospital systems. We particularly like the one-day, three-keynote layout to allow your hospital to get a dose of Dr Raymond but continue normal operations. Dr. Raymond will be happy to work with you on customized content to address your goals.

We even have drafted a sponsorship letter, so perhaps you can get support from your local pharmaceutical representatives for your conference!

Don’t see what you need? Please contact us through the “Contact Us” page; I’ll be back with you promptly!

If you have decided that you would like to book an event, lets chat so that I can better understand who you are and serve your specific needs.

Want a happy healthy hospital? Prescribe a dose of sanity today!

Why choose Dr. Raymond as your speaker?

Dr Raymond is an Expert on compassion fatigue and medical teamwork, who has spoken for a caboodle of medical organizations and lay groups in the US, Canada, and Australia.

Dr Raymond is an inspiring, informative, and fun speaker. Her presentations consistently get high ratings and rave reviews from every audience. Here are just a few of the comments Dr Raymond’s audiences have made about her presentations:

Invigorating Presenter

“…A thought-provoking and informative speaker, (who) delivers serious content in a humorous, non-threatening manner.”

“Light, humorous, and quite to the point with (the) flare of a gifted speaker.”
~General Surgeon (Ret.)

“Dynamic, assertive, enthusiastic…Simply marvelous and motivational! “

“Positive, upbeat.”
~AB, Plastic Surgeon

“She’s wonderful. Insightful, humorous, & still informative.”

Practical Content

“It is an Rx for better living. She brought a different perspective to the lives of health professionals. Interesting exciting, and stimulating!”

“A wonderful and useful presentation packed full of great ideas that anyone can use. What a refreshing speaker with great useable ideas.”

“This program hits home! It’s a great talk for nurses and doctors, but could easily be extended to all workers in the hospital setting.”

“Fast, focused, and timely. Entertaining, practical presentation on an area nurses often ignore — the effect of rudeness on our care of patients and our own job satisfaction. No more business as usual!” ~KC,Endoscopy Unit Director

Dr Raymond’s mission is to encourage medical caregivers to work together as a patient-physician-nurse triad in the way medicine should and could be, for patients to be personally accountable for their own health, and for health care teams to embrace effective teamwork by valuing the contributions of others.

Dr Raymond is a team player with a reputation for professionalism and cooperation, who consistently makes meeting planners and speakers bureaus look great – by consistently delivering ‘the goods’. If one of your other speakers is late, detained by an emergency, or has technical difficulties, Dr Raymond will (and  in fact, has) gladly step in and give an additional presentation to allow your meeting to continue smoothly.

Dr Raymond lives in the Norfolk Virginia area near the world-famous vacation and meeting areas of Virginia Beach, the Outer Banks, Williamsburg, and the Eastern Shore. She will speak near home for fee only.

Room Set Up

Riser: Dr. Raymond, at only 5’4″, would very much appreciate a riser (podium) in the front of the room for groups over 50. She does not stand behind a lectern (same issue- she’s short).

Lighting: As with any good stage presentation, please have the stage as fully lit as possible.

Audio: Please provide a wireless lavaliere microphone. Dr. Raymond loves to get out off the podium if possible and interact with the audience, and a wired or a lectern-mounted microphone only hold her down.

Visual Aids: Dr. Raymond uses Keynote for Mac, and she will bring a ‘dongle’ to use with your computer-generated projection system. Please let her know if she needs to bring her own laptop and/or digital projector.

Handouts: A master set of handouts will be emailed to the meeting planner to duplicate. Please provide your deadline date.

How to Introduce Dr. Raymond: Dr. Raymond will bring or email a short introduction for her presentation tailored to your audience, and essential to the specific presentation. Send us the email address of her introducer, and we’ll get the intro out in plenty of time, promise!

Audio/video recording: No audio or video recording of any kind is permitted during the presentation without Dr. Raymond’s prior written permission.

Lodging/Travel: Dr. Raymond will make her own travel and lodging arrangements. Please let her know as soon as possible the exact times and the location of her presentation. Whenever possible and appropriate, Dr. Raymond likes to come in early the day before her presentation. She likes to meet and talk with as many attendees as she can in order to even further tailor her talk to the group. She is also available should one of your other presenters miss a travel connection or experience an emergency.

Product Sales: A frequent comment by audience members is, “If only I could take Dr. Raymond home to my unit!” To make that happen, many groups purchase Dr Raymond’s books or audio products in advance to provide as gifts to those in attendance. No matter how large the group, Dr. Raymond will be happy to pre-sign books in this case.

If products are not purchased in advance, Dr. Raymond can bring her resources for people to purchase after the event. In this case, a six-foot table in the back of the room would be appreciated.


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