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Defibrillate Your Medical Career!

  • Rx For Sanity: Resuscitating passion for healthcare with creativity joy and laughterSuf­fer from Reten­tion Deficit Disorder?
  • Coop­er­a­tion & team­work flat-lined?
  • Staff’s enthu­si­asm for health­care fast approach­ing room temperature?

You need CPR for staff spirit—

 Resus­ci­tate JOY with team­work, empow­er­ment, & laughter!


Does your staff feel that they are pre­car­i­ously mul­ti­task­ing and rush­ing from one patient to the next?

–Is this good care?

–Is this a ful­fill­ing career?

What’s the right rem­edy for a healthy hospital?

Described as the love child of Patch Adams MD and ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic…

Gas­troen­terol­o­gist, speaker, author, & broad­caster Patri­cia Ray­mond MD pro­vides lively, spir­ited, inter­ac­tive learn­ing infused with music and laugh­ter. She is often joined by her music par­ody alter ego, the Divine Ms. Butt Med­dler (you may have heard her hit bowel bal­lad advo­cat­ing colonoscopy, “The Wind Between Your Cheeks”).

 Not just “Doc­tor Feelgood”…

Dr. Ray­mond wants to change the behav­ior and atti­tude of your staff, giv­ing them per­mis­sion to chal­lenge author­ity, ques­tion sys­tems, and take respon­si­bil­ity for their own job satisfaction.

Sound uncom­fort­able? You bet.


Don’t keep ignor­ing the ele­phant in the room; hire Dr. Ray­mond to dance on its back.

From now on, what will your staff say when…

  • A nurs­ing col­league keeps ask­ing for help but never reciprocates.
  • A patient is repeat­edly admit­ted due to poor compliance.
  • A physi­cian makes a belit­tling remark in front of patients or associates.

 “The mark of a suc­cess­ful orga­ni­za­tion isn’t whether or not it has prob­lems, it’s whether it has the same prob­lems it had last year.” ~ John Fos­ter Dulles

 Dr. Raymond’s treat­ment plan for your orga­ni­za­tion is for your staff to leave, think­ing “When I get back to the unit tomor­row, I’m going to do ___________.”

 Call or email today to bring a dose of san­ity to your health­care organization.

Resus­ci­tate Joy!


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Lodging/Travel & Info

Lodg­ing / Travel & Infor­ma­tion Dr. Ray­mond will make all of her own travel and lodg­ing arrange­ments to coor­di­nate with her prac­tice com­mit­ments. Please let her know as soon as pos­si­ble the exact times and the loca­tion of her pre­sen­ta­tion. We encour­age your sug­ges­tions for the most log­i­cal air­port and hotel. Let us know if …

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Past Client List

From asso­ci­a­tion con­fer­ences to hos­pi­tal sys­tems or lay audi­ences, Dr. Ray­mond pro­vides a first rate keynote pre­sen­ta­tion, con­cur­rent ses­sion, or sem­i­nar for any occa­sion. Dr. Raymond’s clients come from a vari­ety of med­ical spe­cial­ties and train­ing. Although Dr. Ray­mond is a board-certified gas­troen­terol­o­gist, she is well received by non-GI spe­cialty audi­ences, cus­tomiz­ing her pre­sen­ta­tion for the needs of …

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Curriculum Vitae

Click here to down­load Dr. Patri­cia Raymond’s most up to date  Cur­ricu­lum Vitae

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Dr. Raymond’s Biography

Physi­cian, humor­ous med­ical moti­va­tional speaker, author and broad­caster, Patri­cia Ray­mond M.D. FACG takes med­i­cine seri­ously and her­self lightly. Dr. Ray­mond is the author of Don’t Jet­ti­son Med­i­cine: Resus­ci­tate Your Pas­sion for the Career You Loved, con­tribut­ing author in Chicken Soup for the Care­givers Soul and Fifty Things to Do When You Turn Fifty, and the …

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Earning CEUs

How Suc­cess­ful Was Your Last Pro­gram? Dr. Ray­mond and Rx For San­ity can help you cre­ate a con­fer­ence or work­shop that pro­vides CEUs to pro­fes­sion­als in your com­mu­nity. She offers pre­sen­ta­tions eli­gi­ble for con­tin­u­ing edu­ca­tion course cred­its on a wide vari­ety of top­ics for physi­cians, nurses and med­ical per­son­nel. Each topic can be 1–2 hours, …

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Room Setup

Rec­om­men­da­tions for Room Setup Riser: Dr. Ray­mond, at only 5’4″, would very much appre­ci­ate a riser (podium) in the front of the room for groups over 50. She does not use a lec­turn.   (Same issue — she’s short). Light­ing: As with any good stage pre­sen­ta­tion, please have the stage as fully lit as pos­si­ble. Audio: Please provide …

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