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Medical Personnel: Physicians, Nurses, Support Staff

“Dr. Raymond reminds us that if you focus on your employees today, you will have crowds of people lining up to work for you tomorrow”.

~Human Resources Manager

Rx For Sanity: Triage, Love & Laughter!

We advise others to slow down, eat right and exercise, but we don’t follow our own prescription! Come join this physician who ‘mans’ the trenches of hectic schedules, managed care, and deficient personal time, as she shares her secrets to relax, renew and rejuvenate. Based on Dr Raymond’s book “Don’t Jettison Medicine: Recuscitate Your Passion for the Career You Loved”.  Inject a dose of laughter and joy into your staff!

“Made me EXCITED ABOUT NURSING AGAIN, and made me realize how important it is to take care of myself.” ~Staff Nurse

“(Dr. Raymond) explains a very serious subject in a way that brings laughter and a feeling of relief. I have a feeling of hope…I THINK I’LL STAY IN THE NURSING PROFESSION.” ~RN

“She has a wonderful personality and changed the dynamics of the entire audience! Great lecture. It made me realize how important my well-being is in regards to how well patients will be treated.” ~AW, Nurse

Bedside Manners: Heal Your Relationships in Healthcare

Caring for the ill in a stress-filled, uncivil environment is tough on you, and your patients suffer. Discourtesy in medicine between caregivers causes poor communication, errors, and “bad outcomes”.

Explore creative solutions in a practical, efficient and economical plan to identify hot buttons which spark bad behavior and create a sense of community in your hospital.

“Fast, focused, and timely. Entertaining, practical presentation on an area nurses often ignore — the effect of rudeness on our care of patients and our own job satisfaction. No more business as usual!” ~KC, Endoscopy Unit Director

“…really hit the points we wanted to stress with our medical staff with our Service Excellence Program…couldn’t come at a better time.”
~Executive VP

“This issue is on everyone’s mind, but seems to be “the elephant in the room that no one talks about.” Thanks (to) your suggestions and good humor, I have vowed to address aggressive behavior on the spot and not stew about it.”

“In today’s fast paced world we have forgotten how to treat people. We need to return to old-fashioned values and courtesy.”
~Nursing Administrator

Create a Spa-Hospital– Enhance Patient Satisfaction and Keep Them Coming Back!

Hospitals have become unfriendly places for patients to be in…rushed, harried staff simply doesn’t have the time to provide the personal touch anymore…or can we?  Delighted patients refer their friends and return for repeat procedures.

The ‘Spa Hospital’ addresses our patients’ needs with low or no cost techniques adapted from those used at spas. Attention will also be given to reception and departure from unit, patient privacy concerns, and their lasting impression with reviews of medical literature supporting these techniques.

“Dr. Raymond needs to give this fabulous presentation to every M.D., nurse, and technician… She definitely thinks “outside the box!!”

“Stimulating; thought provoking; exciting”

“We’ve been working on way to increase patient satisfaction, I can hardly wait to try some of your ideas.”

The Rude Get Sued

Most hospital staff and patients try to avoid rude physicians…Lawyers look for them. In fact, often patients sue not due to genuine rude behavior, but their perception of short, curt treatment, or a feeling of incomplete disclosure.

The malpractice attorneys tell us that simple bad outcome is not enough to generate big money “jackpot justice”; the attorneys crave a ‘service lapse’ bonus. Juries don’t ‘get’ the medicine, but all have been exposed to rude behavior. How can doctors improve their patients’ perceptions, their expectations of care, to immunize themselves against suits?

“Doctors’ offices are terrible in customer service…Why? Because we can.” ~ MD

“Excellent, concise, entertaining, informative. We can make a change and have a voice.” ~MD

“Dr. Raymond delivers in a crisp and riveting form … [I liked best] the promotion of current legislation for tort reform.” ~MD

Medicine: A Fantastic Journey

Medicine is an adventure, and is especially rewarding when we honor the different skill sets of all travelers. A great keynote for mixed professional audiences.

Gastroenterology Topics (for medical audiences):

Dr. Patricia Raymond is the unexpected, a one-of-a-kind physician; refreshing, outrageous and fun. She has an ability to communicate to an audience, delivering practical information in a down to earth and lively style.

She can speak on a wide range of gastroenterology topics, including:

  • Belly Buttons: Not Just Innies, Outies, or Piercings
  • Celiac Disease
  • Colon Cancer (“The Divine Butt Meddler and Her Colonoscopy Concert”)
  • Hemochromatosis
  • Intestinal Gas
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  • Obesity
  • Reflux (“The GERD, The Bed, and The Ugly”)

Presentations for Lay Audiences:

Dr. Raymond will light a fire of enthusiasm in your audience, and deliver the tools they need to partner in their own health!

  • Health Works! Create a Healthy Workplace
  • Mind Over Platter: Choose Your Chews
  • Passive or partner? How to Get Better Care from Your Doctor
  • Tai Chi: Your Morning Lube Job
  • Travels in the Interior: Journey Down Your Digestive Tract
  • The Divine Butt Meddler and Her Colonoscopy Concert
  • The GERD, The Bed, and the Ugly

Other healthcare provider level, GI-specific topics may be adapted to your needs.

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