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For Lay Persons

For Lay Persons


Dr. Ray­mond will light a fire of enthu­si­asm in your audi­ence, and deliver the tools they need to part­ner in their own health!

Hav­ing a healthy work­place is sim­ply good busi­ness. Start the ini­tia­tive with this pre­sen­ta­tion, which will:Establish the role and cost effec­tive­ness of pre­ven­ta­tive med­i­cine,  Exam­ine the impact of  the phys­i­cal and psy­choso­cial envi­ron­ment, allow par­tic­i­pants to  develop your own plan of per­sonal health choices for home and work and Cre­ate a plan for three things they will imple­ment imme­di­ately  in their work­place and their life

You know how to ‘eat right’—you just don’t always choose your chews wisely. But even when you choose to eat a healthy food, what’s best for your needs? Blue­ber­ries or broc­coli? And how do you decide?  This humor­ous, thought pro­vok­ing and tasty pre­sen­ta­tion from Gas­troen­terol­o­gist Dr. Patri­cia Ray­mond serves up a sur­pris­ing smor­gas­bord of fif­teen fab­u­lous foods that bestow both fit­ness and for­ti­tude, and warns you against vicious vit­tles — foods that should only be eaten with those with a death wish.

You can no longer assume that the ‘doc­tor knows best’, and that your next har­ried appoint­ment will yield answers to your health con­cerns. Join humorist-physician Patri­cia Ray­mond M.D. and learn to be a proac­tive part­ner in your health care– dis­cover what ques­tions to ask, what records to keep for your own well­be­ing, and what screen­ings to insist upon. Pre­vent the pre­ventable such as prostate, breast and colon can­cer, but even bet­ter; insist upon great health rather than mere absence of illness.

Tai Chi Ch’uan is an ancient form of slow, grace­ful and rhyth­mic exer­cise which orig­i­nated in China. It has med­ical ben­e­fits for var­i­ous forms of arthri­tis, stress, high blood pres­sure, dia­betes, and back pain, among other con­di­tions. Dr. Ray­mond both prac­tices and teaches Tai Chi, and would like to intro­duce you to this gen­tle exer­cise at your con­fer­ence. No spe­cial attire is required for this ses­sion (con­fer­ence attire is fine), although loose cloth­ing that moves with you is best. You will not sweat, so you may return to the con­fer­ence with­out need­ing to return to your room to shower.

Join gas­troen­terol­o­gist Dr. Patri­cia Ray­mond on a spec­tac­u­lar jour­ney through the diges­tive tract!  Explore the vast array of enthralling top­ics from first chew to final splash includ­ing gas­tro­pare­sis, irri­ta­ble bowel syn­drome, reflux, infu­sion ther­apy, hem­or­rhoid band­ing and cap­sule endoscopy.  Dis­cover your per­sonal risk of colon can­cer, and how to avoid it!

Gas­troen­terol­o­gist Dr. Patri­cia Ray­mond takes med­i­cine seri­ously, and her­self lightly. As a female gas­troen­terol­o­gist, she is, in fact, a “Chick who checks cheeks”. Dr. Raymond’s mis­sion is to decrease the fright and ‘ick’ that keep about 50% of Amer­i­cans from get­ting their screen­ing colonoscopy at age 50—using laugh­ter and knowl­edge to com­bat the fear. You can enjoy some of that humor at her web­site ColonJoke.com. And you can watch her  music par­ody videos  on YouTube at www.ButtMeddler.com. Please give a warm wel­come to Dr. Pat Raymond’s alter ego, the divine….Ms Butt Meddler!

Night­time GERD may be more impor­tant than day­time GERD in the devel­op­ment of severe GERD-related com­pli­ca­tions; and up to 80% of reflux­ers describe noc­tur­nal symp­toms. Night­time reflux is asso­ci­ated with a 11x risk of esophageal ade­no­car­ci­noma, as well as sleep dis­tur­bance and res­pi­ra­tory symp­toms. Per­haps you don’t need to know the details of noc­tur­nal GERD… but ask your­self– “Do I feel lucky?”

Doc­tor Deepak Chopra writes: “Most peo­ple say that they would be happy IF they were healthy. The truth is, that if they WERE happy, they WOULD be healthy.” The dis­tin­guished Doc­tor Seuss agrees, say­ing:  “In my world, everyone’s a pony and they all eat rain­bows and poop but­ter­flies!” Are YOU a pony? Or just some­one who wishes they could be both hap­pier and health­ier? Today we’ll explore the sci­ence of hap­pi­ness— whether you are born with a hap­pi­ness set point, and whether you can alter your hap­pi­ness level with­out win­ning the ‘Mega-Millions’ lot­tery. We’ll dis­cover the phys­i­o­logic effects of hap­pi­ness on the body, what dis­eases are helped with laugh­ter, and the few that are actu­ally wors­ened by a good guffaw.


Other health­care provider level, GI-specific top­ics may be adapted to your needs.

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