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Lodging/Travel & Info

Lodg­ing / Travel & Information

Dr. Ray­mond will make all of her own travel and lodg­ing arrange­ments to coor­di­nate with her prac­tice commitments.

Please let her know as soon as pos­si­ble the exact times and the loca­tion of her pre­sen­ta­tion. We encour­age your sug­ges­tions for the most log­i­cal air­port and hotel. Let us know if some­one at your orga­ni­za­tion would like to pro­vide ground trans­porta­tion from hotel to your pro­gram site.

When­ever pos­si­ble and appro­pri­ate, Dr. Ray­mond likes to come in early the day before her pre­sen­ta­tion. This allows her to meet and talk with as many atten­dees as she can in order to even fur­ther tai­lor her talk to the group.

How to Intro­duce Dr. Raymond

Dr. Ray­mond will bring or e-mail a short intro­duc­tion for her pre­sen­ta­tion tai­lored to your audi­ence, and essen­tial to the spe­cific pre­sen­ta­tion. Send us the e-mail address of her intro­ducer, and we’ll get the intro out in plenty of time, promise!

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